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漢入 Kanyū
Novel Akatsuki Hiden: Evil Flowers in Full Bloom
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Kanyū (漢入, Kanyū) was a potter of Ceramic Village.


Kanyū believed that the village's famous Hanasaki ceramics had lost their quality and wanted to restore the style to its former glory, a view nobody else in the village shared. After meeting her, Sasori and Deidara agreed that she had real artistic talent. They only thing preventing her from reaching her full potential, they thought, was that she cared more about the village than she did her art. For this — among other — reasons, Sasori and Deidara destroyed Ceramic Village and killed everyone in it, sparing only Kanyū so that she would be able to pursue her dreams. Although she disagreed with their methods, she was nevertheless thankful to them for finally helping her make the quality of pottery she'd also wanted.