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カンダチ Kandachi
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #187
Appears in Anime
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Gender Gender Male Male
Status Presumed Deceased
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Kandachi (カンダチ, Kandachi) was a missing-nin from Amegakure and was Hanzō's right hand man, before the latter's death.


Sometime after Pain killed Hanzō, Kandachi and a group of Ame ninja fled the country and went into hiding by taking over a village surrounded by a magnetic force that affects a person's chakra flow to the brain similar to genjutsu. Sukune interfered with Kandachi's takeover and resulted in his brutal murder by his summon, the Conch King. He held the women and children hostage and threatened if word of their hiding was leaked outside the village, the hostages would be killed.


Ninja Art Conch Spear

Kandachi using Conch Cannon.

As the right hand of Hanzō, he was quite a powerful shinobi. Like his superior, he fights mainly using the Summoning Technique. He can command the Conch King with hand seals. All of the hand seals performed also give the Conch King a signal to use a specified technique. Kandachi has shown an ability to cast a genjutsu on his opponent through the Conch King. The magnetic field caused by the tree strengthens this genjutsu, as the magnetism disrupts a person's chakra flow, similar to a genjutsu. Kandachi can also command the Conch King to propel above water. Kandachi could also hide himself in water.

Part II

Konoha History Arc

Water Release Genjutsu Mystic Fog Prison

Kandachi puts Jiraiya and Naruto under the Conch King's genjutsu.

When Jiraiya brought Naruto Uzumaki to the forest for training, they encounter Tanishi who tells them of Kandachi's takeover. Naruto (disguised as Tanishi) and Jiraiya, pretending to be captured, meet with Kandachi, surprised to see Jiraiya again. Naruto's cover is blown when the real Tanishi arrives and Kandashi decides to feed the villagers to the Conch King. Naruto fights against Kandachi and the Conch King but their techniques knocks Naruto down every time. In the end, Naruto defeats them both with his first Big Ball Rasengan.


  • It can be assumed that Pain eventually found and killed Kandachi and his henchmen as Pain killed all friends, family, and associates of Hanzō according to an Ame ninja, Ryūsui.[1]

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