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Kamui [1]
Space time migration
Kanji 神威
Rōmaji Kamui
Literal English Authority of the Gods
English games Divine Threat
Alternative names Space–Time Migration[2] (時空間移動, Jikūkan Idō)
Manga Volume #31, Naruto Chapter #276
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #29
Movie Naruto Shippūden 3: Inheritors of the Will of Fire
Game Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja 5
OVA Naruto Shippūden: UNSG anime cutscenes
Appears in Anime, Manga, Game, Movie
Classification Mangekyō Sharingan Itachi Kekkei Genkai, Ninjutsu, Dōjutsu, Space–Time Ninjutsu, Barrier Ninjutsu
Class Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary
Range All ranges
Derived jutsu
Kamui Lightning Cutter

Template:Toriko info box This is article is about the character, for other uses, see Toriko (Disambiguation). Toriko (トリコ Toriko) is the main protagonist of the manga and anime series, Toriko. He is a Bishokuya with an abnormally large appetite (as a food serving for 500 people could only get him 1/10 full). He is known as one of the "Four Heavenly Kings" (四天王, shitennou), and his nickname is "The Glutton". He is an incredibly skilled Bishokuya, having discovered roughly 2% of the approximately 300,000 varieties of known ingredients worldwide, which is around 6000 varieties. He is also the adoptive father figure of a new born Battle Wolf pup named Terry Cloth and is the only human known to have ever tamed a Battle Wolf. He is currently seeking the fabled holy ingredient from Acacia's Full Course Menu, GOD, which is said to be the greatest main dish in the world and hopes to add it to his own Full Course Menu, despite that this ingredient is also being sought after by the brutal criminal organization, the Bishokukai and many other powerful figures. He is currently in a Combo with Komatsu. While a powerful warrior in his own right, Toriko's recent endeavors have been mainly focused on entering the vicious Gourmet World and has been doing all in his power to train to the max in order to enter and survive in its harsh environment, he has also learned of the existence of many powerful warriors already capable of entering it and is doing all he can to surpass them in hopes of reaching the great ingredient GOD that all of them enter Gourmet World to seek before it falls into the wrong hands, for if such an event were to occur the results would be catastrophic. ==Personality== Toriko has a personallity of rugged manliness, eating heavily, drinking, showing off, and displaying a wild sense of enthusiasm only towards what interest him and rarely towards what interest others. Many define him as a glutton. He also has an obsession with perfection when it comes to the food he serves.
Despite having a huge appetite and massive power, Toriko makes it a rule not to indiscriminately kill and eat any animal; he only kills animals that he decides to eat and will often opt to use Knocking, Intimidation or other means of repelling animals he does not intend on eating. He has a keen sense of smell (better then a police dog) and a high level of knowledge about many different species of life, their behavior, and habitats. Toriko believes that no species of life, regardless of its existence, should be brought to extinction, as shown when he takes only a single Rainbow Fruit from the 8th Biotope's garden so as to not endanger the Troll Kongs way of life, as well as his disapproval of Zebra's behavior of hunting multiple species to extinction. His general behavior with other people is friendly and charismatic. Yet at the same time, in the heat of battle, he is capable of displaying a wild, animal-like aggression to the point of manifesting his killing intent as an illusionary Hannya-like demon. He is extremely brave and rarely shows any signs of fear. Toriko's dream is to create the perfect Full Course Menu with only the best ingredients comprising it. His skills as a Bishokuya have helped him capture many high-class ingredients but he has yet to find (and taste) enough ingredients he can deem worthy enough to be placed in and complete his Full Course Menu, stating that there are still many ingredients in the world that he has yet to taste. He intends to find GOD, the greatest ingredient of the world, and is reserving a place for it in his menu as the main dish. Despite being a hunter, Toriko is a caring, compassionate person. He is quite protective of his two main partners, Komatsu, and Terry. He is very particular about the foods in his Full Course Menu, wanting it to be the best, he picks only the rarest, most delicious foods he discovers to serve in his meal. He also puts much faith in his partners, believing that Terry can surpass his own strength when she needs to. He also puts his faith in Komatsu's cooking abilities, allowing Komatsu to have the last drop of the Century Soup, believing that Komatsu will the be able to replicate the recipe. After forming a Combo with Komatsu, Toriko has decided to pick those ingredients for his Full Course Menu that accept both him and his partner. Toriko also seems to enjoy testing his strength, such as when he destroyed a gigantic boulder to test the strength of his Nail Punch and when he got excited at the idea of fighting Tommyrod, a Bishokukai Sous Chef, as it was his first opportunity to fight a Sous Chef who would use his full strength. He has also recently stated the desire to fight the beast that possesses the Capture Level of 100. ==Full Course Menu== Toriko seeks to create the ultimate Full Course Menu and only chooses what he considers to be the best of the best ingredients and is always careful about what foods he'll add to his menu. His desired Main Dish is Gourmet God Acacia's Main Dish, the ultimate ingredient in the world, one that is sought after by the most powerful men in the world. Template:FullCourseMenu ==Appearances in Other Media== ===Toriko Oneshot 2002=== ===Toriko Oneshot 2007=== ===Toriko Jump Special=== The Toriko Jump Special was an OVA animated for Shonen Jump's 2009 anime tour and it was the first time Toriko was seen in an animated format. The OVA is an animated adaptation of the Galala Gator Arc which stays mostly faithful to the manga until the near end where the fight between Toriko and the Galala Gator is extended and it becomes more graphic and violent, and ending with Toriko using a Nail Punch on the Galala Gator, blowing it to bloody bits. ===Toriko 3D Movie=== In Toriko's first film Toriko 3D Movie: Kaimaku! Gourmet Adventure!!, which takes place some time before the events of the manga and anime (and is based mostly on the events of Oneshot 2007), Toriko is still keeping a low profile whilst exploring the world for ingredients. During the story he is confronted by a young boy named Peck who pleads Toriko to help him save his village from the fierce bird beast Gerold. ===One Piece x Toriko Crossover=== ====Manga==== ====Anime==== ===Toriko: Gourmet Academy=== In the manga spin-off Toriko: Gourmet Academy, a young version of Toriko appears as a student at Gourmet Academy who is as much of a glutton as ever and is best friends with fellow student Komatsu. ===Toriko: Gourmet Survival=== In his video game debut Toriko: Gourmet Survival, Toriko, along with Komatsu, Coco and Sunny are hired by the wealthy millionaire Fond De Bohno to capture ingredients for him on the dangerous Megamori Island. ===Toriko: Gourmet Survival 2=== In Toriko: Gourmet Survival 2, Toriko and Komatsu are once again hired by Fond De Bohno to help him capture ingredients in the even more fearsome region of Gattsuki Continent were beasts from around the world and all capture levels reside. ===Toriko: Gourmet Monsters=== In Toriko: Gourmet Monsters, Toriko and Komatsu take part in the Gourmet Royale beast bouts and visits several locations around the world looking for the strongest beasts they can find and tame for the bouts. Along the way, a legendary species of beasts that once almost destroyed the planet's ecosystem in ancient times have somehow been revived and Toriko and the other Four Heavenly Kings are called in to deal with the reborn Death Gores. ==Trivia== *Toriko's name is spelled Torico in cover of chapter 134. *When asked about Toriko's capture level in an interview for Weekly SHONEN JUMP Alpha, Shimabukuro stated that he himself doesn't know the exact capture level as Toriko is getting stronger and stronger. *When asked to clarify how different it is for Toriko to be fighting a person rather than a monster, in an interview for Weekly SHONEN JUMP Alpha, Shimabukuro replied: "When Toriko is fighting a person, he has emotions. When he is fighting creatures, he would never feel an emotion like anger. Generally, Toriko only feels gratitude toward his food." **Toriko's clothes bear a striking resemblance to those worn by Son Goku, the main protagonist of the Dragon Ball franchise and Kenshiro from Fist of the North Star franchise. Curiously, Toriko's huge appetite is also similar to Goku's and the scent of Kenshiro Kasumi's from Fist of the Blue Sky. **Shimabukuro stated in an interview for Weekly SHONEN JUMP Alpha that if Toriko was friends with another Jump hero, it would be Goku. However, Toriko has also become friends with Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece in a crossover done by both of their manga artists. **Also, Goku was the inspiration of many later Jump heroes including Toriko, Monkey D. Luffy and Naruto Uzumaki. ==See also== *Komatsu *Terry Cloth *Coco *Sunny *Zebra *Rin ==Site Navigation== Template:Bishokuya
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