Kamizuru Clan

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Kamizuru Clan
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(上水流一族, Kamizuru Ichizoku)
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The Kamizuru clan (上水流一族, Kamizuru Ichizoku) is a clan of bee users from Iwagakure who were once very well known.


Years before the start of the series, they attempted to lead an invasion force into Konohagakure, only to be repelled and largely killed by the more experienced Aburame clan. They had lost so badly that they lost their status and respect in the village and their numbers began to fall to the few remaining members left. Apparently, the First Tsuchikage was one of its members.

Part I

Search for the Bikōchū Arc

Hoping to find the First Tsuchikage's secret scroll, which is full of forbidden techniques for bug user ninja, the last three surviving members of the clan set out to find the bikōchū. Naruto Uzumaki and Team Kurenai were also looking for the bikōchū, and thus the two eventually battled. All three of the Kamizuru were defeated by Hinata using her recently perfected Protection of the Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms technique. Suzumebachi attempted one last-ditch attack with a summoned Giant Bee, but was presumably killed by Naruto's Rasengan.


  • The members of this clan do not use the generic hand seals used for the Summoning Technique. Instead, they stick their right thumb into the palm of their left hand.
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