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Kakashi vs. Pain!!
Chapter 422
(カカシVSペイン!!, Kakashi Bāsasu Pein!!)
Chapter Info
Volume The Battlefield, Konoha!!
Previous Call Naruto Home!!
Chapter 422
Next Deva Path's Abilities!!
Arc Invasion of Pain Arc
Anime Naruto Shippūden #158, Naruto Shippūden #159
Shitō AkimichiGazeruKing of Hell
Banshō Ten'inLightning Release: Shadow Clone TechniqueNaraka Path
None in this Chapter
Kakashi vs. Pain!! (カカシVSペイン!!, Kakashi Bāsasu Pein!!) is chapter 422 of the Naruto manga.


Pain's search for Naruto continues, but none of Konoha's ninja are willing to tell him anything. Tsunade summons Katsuyu, who she instructs to seek out and adhere to every Konoha citizen so that she can monitor and heal them all remotely. Kakashi's fight with the Deva Path and Asura Path continues, but he cannot overcome their shared Rinnegan vision. The Asura Path modifies its body for battle and attacks him, but he is saved by a team led by Chōza Akimichi.

Facts about Kakashi vs. Pain!!RDF feed
ArcInvasion of Pain Arc +
Chapter number422 +
English nameKakashi vs. Pain!! +
Kanji nameカカシVSペイン!! +
NamesKakashi vs. Pain!! +, カカシVSペイン!! + and Kakashi Bāsasu Pein!! +
PictureChapter 422 +
Romaji nameKakashi Bāsasu Pein!! +
Volume number45 +

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