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Kakashi vs. Itachi
Chapter 142
(カカシvsイタチ, Kakashi Bāsasu Itachi)
Chapter Info
Volume Konoha Crush, Ended!!
Previous Itachi Uchiha!!
Chapter 142
Next The Fourth's Legacy!!
Arc Search for Tsunade Arc
Anime Naruto #82
None in this Chapter
Clone Great ExplosionTsukuyomiWater Release: Water Fang Bullet
None in this Chapter
Kakashi vs. Itachi (カカシvsイタチ, Kakashi Bāsasu Itachi) is chapter 142 of the Naruto manga.


Kakashi expresses surprise over the identities of the two men he had been following as Kisame and, more particularly, Itachi. When Kisame tries to take him on, Itachi tells him to stand down, citing that they are too equal in strength and that a fight would only become an inconvenience. As he would not have these same problems, he attacks Kakashi. Seeing Itachi's Mangekyō Sharingan, Kakashi instructs Asuma and Kurenai to shut their eyes since they are no match for him. Itachi uses Tsukuyomi on Kakashi, who just barely endures the attack because of his Sharingan eye. Struggling to remain standing, Kakashi asks why they have come to Konoha. Itachi replies that they are after the Fourth Hokage's legacy.

Facts about Kakashi vs. ItachiRDF feed
ArcSearch for Tsunade Arc +
Chapter number142 +
English nameKakashi vs. Itachi +
Kanji nameカカシvsイタチ +
NamesKakashi vs. Itachi +, カカシvsイタチ + and Kakashi Bāsasu Itachi +
PictureChapter 142 +
Romaji nameKakashi Bāsasu Itachi +
Volume number16 +

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