Kakashi Hatake

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Kakashi Hatake Is Shinobi

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  • Ninjas stronger than Kakashi Hatake

    19 messages
    • DMS Kakashi surprised her as she didn't expect anything from anyone expect Sasuke and Naruto. Kakashi can't come too close to Sasuke because if...
    • @Rexgodwin Also three eyed Madara stomps. Sorry but I'm gonna go with Sasuke beating DMS Kakashi. How long can Kakashi even keep PS up? It's ...
  • Itachi vs Kakashi and Guy

    32 messages
    • easy win for Kakashi + Guy
    • NeinNeinNeinNeinNeinNeinNeinNein wrote: easy win for Kakashi + Guy I don't think it will be easy. But yeah, I'm with Konoha's Blue Beast ...
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