Kakashi Hatake

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Kakashi Hatake Is Shinobi

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  • Gaara(Part 1) vs Kakashi(Part 1)

    21 messages
    • Since this is Part 1 Gaara, where the Shield of Sand is slower, Id say Kakashi wins, due to his Lightning Blade. WAIT HOLD UP!...However, Pa...
    • @kyle movies are noncanon
  • Kakashi vs Minato

    90 messages
    • Minato vs MS Kakashi Minato barely reacted + evaded kid Obito's Kamui. Kakashi fooled adult Obito's Kamui with his own, and showed more than o...
    • @Seifu10, Kakashi, without double MS, hasn't chance against Hokage or Bijuu mode Minato. Kakashi isn't more intelligent than Minato. Minato in ...

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