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  • Poor kakashi....

    51 messages
    • Littleone94 wrote: Ok. First off, yes, Kakashi HAS to keep his eye closed to preserve chakra; that's why he always had his headband covering ...
    • So now that kakashi has no sharingan will he be the chidori king?Lol seems like the old young kakashi will be back. With his normal cha...
  • Should Obito's Mangekyo Sharingan now be listed under Madara's Kekkai Genkai?

    34 messages
    • Cjtrules15 wrote: Good luck getting Naruto in genjutsu now. He has the cooperation of Kurama now to save him. screw the rules, naruto would...
    • Sir Suiton wrote: As of 674, Madara has stolen Kakashi (Obito)'s Sharingan, which is also a Mangekyo Sharingan. He may already be listed unde...

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