Kakashi Hatake

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Kakashi Hatake Is Shinobi

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  • Gaara(Part 1) vs Kakashi(Part 1)

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    • BlueLantern1995 wrote: If memory serves me correctly Kakashi said to Sasuke that he could only do 4 Lightning Blades a day. So if Gaara can k...
    • @Quake I cant see kakashi winning vs kimiaro with his op asf bones under skin defense and his op asf c2 huge @ss bone spike field. But I can ...
  • Kakashi vs Minato

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    • KuroiToketsuHoshi wrote: @Baku GG means Good Game. I have no idea what GOAT means, this is the 1st time ive ever seen that term on the inter...
    • BakumatsuWarrior wrote: Sorry for being a noob but what's a GOAT? I'm not very good with Internet slangs. Also what's GG? I see that term f...

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