Kakashi Hatake

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Kakashi Hatake Is Shinobi

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  • DMS Kakashi vs Hashirama

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    • Minato 87 wrote: Slaphappyjoy wrote: I'll give you the Rinnegan. Kamui doesn't automatically beat itself, it might match itself though, then...
    • Is DMS on a timer? Out of PS, intangibility, LR Kamui & Kamui Raikiri, I see only the speed at which KR hits being a problem. But even that ...
  • interesting fact about Kakashi

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    • was watching a video on naruto facts and one of the facts is that Kakashi's mother is a descendant of the Inuzuka clan, which would explain ...
    • If only there was a nearly complete online encyclopedia which lists all facts about Naruto...
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