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Kakashi Hatake!!
Chapter 004
(はたけカカシ!!, Hatake Kakashi!!)
Chapter Info
Volume Naruto Uzumaki
Previous Sasuke Uchiha!!
Chapter 4
Next Unpreparedness is One's Greatest Enemy!!
Arc Introduction Arc
Anime Naruto #4
None in this Chapter
None in this Chapter
Icha Icha
Kakashi Hatake!! (はたけカカシ!!, Hatake Kakashi!!) is chapter 4 of the Naruto manga.


The newly-formed Team 7 is given the jōnin instructor, Kakashi Hatake. To help them get to know each other, they all share something about themselves; Naruto wants to be Hokage; Sasuke wants to kill a certain someone; Sakura blushes before revealing that she likes Sasuke, but openly states she hates Naruto; Kakashi, despite it being his idea, refuses to tell them anything about himself, instead suggesting that they are all hopeless.

Before they can officially be made genin and thus ninja, Team 7 must take part in a survival test. Kakashi advises they do not eat beforehand and gives them until the next day to prepare. He then shows up late. Team 7 is tasked with getting one of the two bells he keeps on his person. Whichever two members get a bell will get lunch and be made into a genin while the third is sent back to the Ninja Academy with an empty stomach. Determined to take a bell for himself, Naruto attacks Kakashi. He is easily stopped, by Kakashi. Kakashi suggests that they may have potential after all.

Facts about Kakashi Hatake!!RDF feed
ArcIntroduction Arc +
Chapter number4 +
English nameKakashi Hatake!! +
Kanji nameはたけカカシ!! +
NamesKakashi Hatake!! +, はたけカカシ!! + and Hatake Kakashi!! +
PictureChapter 004 +
Romaji nameHatake Kakashi!! +
Volume number1 +

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