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Kakashi Enlightened!
(カカシ開眼!, Kakashi Kaigen!)
Episode data
Previous Beasts! Alive Again!
Episode Naruto: Shippūden #29 (Watch Online)
Next Aesthetics of an Instant!
Arc Kazekage Rescue Mission
Manga Chapter #276, Chapter #277
Japanese September 27, 2007
English March 31, 2010
None in this Episode
Clay CloneKamui
None in this Episode

Kakashi Enlightened! (カカシ開眼!, Kakashi Kaigen!) is episode 29 of the Naruto: Shippūden anime.


Kakashi reveals his Mangekyō Sharingan, planning to use his inter-dimensional warping technique, Kamui to kill Deidara, but due to lack of needed stamina and Deidara's constant attempts to break free from the defined space, Kakashi only manages to warp Deidara's right elbow which would make Deidara defenceless, losing both of his hands. They follow Deidara into the forest and Naruto manages to knock Deidara off his clay bird, and has his clones take away the bird's head and begin digging into it to free Gaara's body. Deidara watches from a safe distance and muses that he has been handicapped by the Fifth Kazekage and the "Copy Ninja", but was discovered. Right as Naruto prepares to kill Deidara with a Rasengan, Deidara manages to swap himself with a clay clone. Angered, Naruto's Nine-Tailed Fox chakra begins to emerge, leading Naruto to transform to his two-tailed form. Kakashi sees this and remembers Jiraiya mentioning the cloak of chakra.

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