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カコウ Kakō
Anime Boruto Episode #78
Appears in Anime
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Gender Gender Male Male

Kakō (カコウ, Kakō) is an artificial human, hailing from Iwagakure.

New Era

Mitsuki's Disappearance Arc

Main article: Mitsuki's Disappearance Arc Kakō went to see their leader, , with Kirara, who returned to give their leader her report. He even asked Kirara if she made a mistake during her mission and blames her while talking about Kokuyō and Sekiei being late, much to her irritation. Kakō said there was no need to make excuses to him and stated their leader would pass judgement.

When his leader Kū began his power move against the Fourth Tsuchikage, Kakō aided him in capturing the village leader. After the successful abduction, Kokuyō return seeking help for the weakening Sekiei. Kakō and Kirara joined him to help. Midway, they found Mitsuki approaching them while carrying Sekiei. While Kirara and the others grew suspicious of Mitsuki, Sekiei vouched for Mitsuki, insisting that the young boy truly came of his own free will to learn who he really is.