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  • A volcanic, lava-filled world.
  • An icy realm of mountains and canyons.
  • A vast desert full of sand dunes.
  • Kaguya's mountainous core dimension.
  • A sea made of acid.
  • A pyramid-terrain with high gravity.

Kaguya's Dimensions (カグヤの時空間, Kaguya no Jikūkan, Literally meaning: Kaguya's time–space dimension)[1] are a gathering of alternate spaces that Kaguya Ōtsutsuki has access to through the use of Amenominaka. The first dimension was first shown after Kaguya's resurrection. Wishing to not fight on the world that she viewed as her "nursery", Kaguya transported both Team 7 and Obito Uchiha to the mysterious world and over a widespread river of lava.[2] Kakashi states that Kaguya has the ability to literally rewrite all aspects of the dimension instantly, a phenomena he also compares to the creation of genjutsu.[3] There are a total of six interconnected dimensions which she can teleport to by creating portals.[4]


Kaguya has the ability to travel between any of her six dimensions as she sees fit:

  • A mountainous region that links all of Kaguya's dimensions together. While in this dimension, Kaguya recovers quickly and is able to absorb chakra from victims of the Infinite Tsukuyomi at will. At the end with the battle with Kaguya, a new, growing moon had been created to seal her and Black Zetsu inside.
  • A lava-filled expanse of land. Most notably, there exists a large volcano that towers over the land. Atop the volcano there is a castle-like construction.
  • An icy realm, composed of frozen canyons and mountains. Another castle-like construction is situated atop an icy cliff.
  • A vast desert full of sand dunes. This dimension is very hot due to its climate.
  • A sea of acid which can burn and melt clothes and flesh.
  • A dimension with a pyramid-shaped terrain which has massive gravity force, enough to bring even Kaguya to her knees.


  • Some Space–Time Ninjutsu are also capable of opening portals between Kaguya's dimensions, but only while in the main, mountainous dimension, or by linking the technique to Kaguya's own portals. This also requires an extremely large amount of chakra.
    • After the war ended, Sasuke Uchiha has been using Amenotejikara to enter the six dimensions to check for any potential enemy that Kaguya was preparing for. This was very taxing on his chakra, and he temporarily lost access to his Mangekyō Sharingan and his Rinnegan lost its tomoes.[1]
  • Considering the shape of the terrain and the increased gravity capable bring anyone to their knees, the last dimension seems to be inspired in the ishidaki (石抱, Literally meaning: Stone Holding), the torture consisted in bound an individual in kneeling position over ridged surface, with stone weights over its lap.
  • When Kaguya created an enormous Truth-Seeking Ball in her core dimension by absorbing the chakra from the victims of Infinite Tsukuyomi, it was said that it would be used to create a new dimension.


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