Kagerō Village

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This is the article on Gennō's home village. If you are looking for the article on the Fūma clan member, head to Kagerō. For other uses, see Kagerō (disambiguation).
Kagerō Village
Kagero Village Destroyed
Kanji 陽炎の里
Rōmaji Kagerō no Sato
Literal English Heat Haze Village
English TV Heat Devil Village
Village Data
Country Land of Mountains

Kagerō Village (陽炎の里, Kagerō no Sato, English TV: Heat Devil Village, Literally meaning: Heat Haze Village), introduced in the anime, was a small village located in the Land of Mountains. Thirty years before the start of the series, it was at war with Konoha. Three months after a surprise attack by the Third Hokage, Jiraiya and several other Konoha ninja, they declared a cease-fire. Two weeks later, however, another rival village wiped them out. Only Gennō, who had been in Konoha at the time planting explosive tags for a possible counter-attack, survived its destruction.


  • Despite being a shinobi village, it is not a hidden village, thus never called Kagerōgakure, as is the case with other shinobi villages.

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