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うちはカガミ Uchiha Kagami
Manga Volume #51, Naruto Chapter #481
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #211
Appears in Anime, Manga
Voice Actors
Gender Gender Male Male
  • Part II: 25
Status Deceased
  • Part II: 169 cm1.69 m
    5.545 ft
    66.535 in
Kekkei Genkai
Ninja Rank

Kagami Uchiha (うちはカガミ, Uchiha Kagami) was a shinobi from Konohagakure's Uchiha clan and the father of Shisui Uchiha.[2]



During the First Shinobi World War, he was part of a team consisting of Tobirama Senju, Hiruzen Sarutobi, Koharu Utatane, Homura Mitokado, Danzō Shimura, and Torifu Akimichi. While they were planning their next move, Kagami noted that Koharu's plan would not work and that they needed someone to lure the Kinkaku Squad away from the rest of their location. He later listened on as the Second, who had stated that he would be the decoy, appointed Hiruzen as the Third Hokage.[3]

He is assumed to have died at some later point, either before or during the Uchiha clan massacre.


Along with a strong devotion towards his own clan, Kagami was noted to be greatly dedicated to the protection of Konohagakure, having accomplished a lot for the sake of the village. His sense of loyalty was so great, he never fell victim to his clan's Curse of Hatred, something that normally had a high probability of happening after awakening the Sharingan. For this reason, he was one of the few Uchiha that Tobirama believed in.[2]


Kagami had short, black, unkempt hair. He wore the standard Konoha outfit of the time which included a black suit with armour over it, forehead protector, sandals and a pouch strapped to his waist.


As an Uchiha, Kagami was one of the members that were able to awaken his clan's kekkei genkai: the Sharingan, which granted him basic abilities such as seeing the flow of chakra, the ability to easily recognise genjutsu and different forms of chakra, some predictive capabilities, as well as the ability to copy techniques that the user sees amongst other things.


  • Kagami means mirror () which are heavily associated with Uchiha. For example, mangekyō (万華鏡, kaleidoscope) in Mangekyō Sharingan literally means mirror of ten thousand flowers and one of the sacred weapons of Itachi Uchiha's Susanoo is the Yata Mirror.


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Age25 +
Appears inAnime + and Manga +
ClanUchiha Clan +
Debut anime431 +
Debut manga481 +
Debut manga typeChapter +
GenderMale +
Height169 cm (1.69 m, 5.545 ft, 66.535 in) +
Kekkei GenkaiSharingan (null) +
LoyaltyKonohagakure +
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NameKagami Uchiha +
Ninja RankJōnin +
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SpeciesHuman +
StatusDeceased +
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