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Kouza kubisaki
首崎剛佐 Kubisaki Kōza
Anime Naruto Episode #194
Appears in Anime
Gender Gender Male Male
Status Deceased


Kōza Kubisaki (首崎剛佐, Kubisaki Kōza) was the leader of Land of Neck.


Kōza wore basic samurai armour including a tall helmet and a sword sheathed at the waist. He had grey-brown hair and a moustache. He also had light grey-coloured eyes.


Kōza was able to use the summoning technique. His summon was Shiromari, a giant chameleon, which could take almost any form to lure enemies inside it. Since he had a sword, he was presumably skilled in kenjutsu.

Part I

Lady Daimyō Search Mission

Kōza summoned Shiromari, which took the form of a castle, then died some time after. Naruto Uzumaki, Hinata Hyūga and Kiba Inuzuka visited the castle in a mission, he returned in a soul form to release Shiromari in the castle form.

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