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"Just Once More"
Chapter 168
(もう一度だけ, Mō Ichido Dake, Viz: Once More)
Chapter Info
Volume The Successor (#19)
Previous "As Promised…!!"
Chapter Naruto #168
Next "Risking One's Life…!!"
Arc Search for Tsunade
Anime Naruto #95
"Just Once More" (もう一度だけ, Mō Ichido Dake, Viz: Once More) is chapter 168 of the original Naruto manga.


Kabuto is flung back by the perfected Rasengan. Kabuto is able to stand up after the attack while Naruto collapses, Kabuto having damaged his heart at the last second. Though initially confident his medical expertise has saved him from the worst of the damage, Kabuto finds that his injuries are too great and collapses. Tsunade rushes to Naruto's side and tries to heal him, vowing to not let him die in his pursuit of the title of Hokage like Dan and Nawaki did. Kabuto insists he is doomed but Naruto, healed, grasps the First Hokage's Necklace he has now won before losing consciousness. Putting faith in another's dreams once more, Tsunade puts the necklace around him. Orochimaru, seeing Naruto's success against Kabuto as a potential concern for the future, tries to kill him, but Tsunade blocks the attack with her own body.

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