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Jofuku Flower
Jofuku flower
Kanji 徐福花
Rōmaji Jofukubana
Literal English Gradual Good Fortune Flower
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #186
Appears in Anime

The Jofuku flower is a medicinal plant that can be found in the Jofuku Forest at the border of the Land of Fire. The flower has two very peculiar traits, the first being that the flower has seven different colours and secondly, when uprooted, will release a pollen like substance which takes the form of the target's arch-enemy or whoever they were thinking of at the time to attack and defend the flowers.


  • On the official TV Tokyo's page, the term "Jofuku grass" (徐福草, jofukusō, Literally meaning: gradual good fortune grass) is used.

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