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[[es:Monumento de Jiraiya]]
[[id:Monumen Peringatan Jiraiya]]

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Jiraiya's memorial

The memorial made in memory of Jiraiya.

Jiraiya's Memorial was created by Jiraiya's last pupil Naruto Uzumaki in memory of his master. It's located outside the village of Konoha in the forest and consists of a large stone with the kanji for "teacher" (, shi) etched into it and two smaller stones on either side of it with three kunai with a wire running through them. Naruto also left Jiraiya's first book as well as the "flowers of hope" that Konan presented him with at the memorial.

Trivia Edit

  • The memorial was not present when chapter 449 was first published, being added in the tankōbon version.

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