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Jirōchō Wasabi
(ワサビ次郎長, Wasabi Jirōchō)
Anime Naruto Episode #97
Appears in Anime only
Voice Actors
Gender Gender Male Male
  • Head of Wasabi family

Jirōchō Wasabi (ワサビ次郎長, Wasabi Jirōchō) is the head of the Wasabi family in the Land of Tea, which is a clan warring with the nearby Wagarashi family.


He is depicted as kind, sympathetic, and honest, in contrast to the Wagarashi family's leader, Kyūroku Wagarashi, who is very dishonest and manipulative. He apparently took in Idate Morino after finding him on the streets. While Idate was racing, he expressed great faith in Idate, even to the extent of betting his own life.


Jirōchō has grey shaggy hair and light black-coloured eyes.


He seems to at least have some skill in hand-to-hand combat as seen when he was able to stop an incoming attack from a genin-level shinobi.

Part I

Search for Tsunade

Jirōchō is first shown to be an old friend of Tsunade, helping her in telling the loan sharks Senta and Bunzō that Tsunade's debt to the Akagi Gang was paid.

Land of Tea Escort Mission

Jirōchō's mansion

Jirōchō's mansion.

Presumably as a sign of his unwavering friendship to Tsunade and after learning of her appointment as Hokage, he commissioned a mission for her from the Land of Tea which Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura took. He is shown as the head of the Wasabi family and his clan had to run against the Wagarashi family to show who gets to run the Land of Tea for the next four years. As shown at the beginning of the race, Jirōchō had complete faith in Idate even though it seemed as if he was running away. After Idate won the race, Jirōchō was very proud of him.

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