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editJirō Browse icon
ジロウ Jirō
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #360
Appears in Anime
Gender Gender Male Male
Ninja Rank

Jirō (ジロウ, Jirō) is a Konohagakure genin and a student failed by Kakashi Hatake.

Background Edit

Put in a team with his brothers led by Kakashi, Jirō failed in his new teacher's bell test and then he was restrained for the punishment. His brothers are assured by him to eat the lunches their teacher left out. Having exactly followed his orders, Kakashi fails Jirō and his brothers. Sometime later, Jirō and his brothers thank Kakashi for sending them back to the Academy, as they realise what he was trying to teach them, much to his surprise.


At first Jirō seemed to dislike Kakashi for failing him and his brothers but later on in life he came to respect him.

Appearance Edit

Jirō has short brown hair that curves over to the right side of his head and ends in a few spikes of hair. He also has black eyes. He wears a blue Konohagakure forehead protector on his forehead the traditional way and he has a small tuft of his hair sticking out from underneath the protector just above each ear.

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