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Jidanda_Tage_and_Handle.png|thumb|Jidanda's handle and hidden explosive tags.
|unnamed tool=No
|unnamed tool=No

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Kanji 地団駄
Rōmaji Jidanda
Literal English Stamping
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #184
Appears in Anime

The Jidanda is a weapon that was created by using data that he collected from his previous creations, Dakō, and Tsurukame. It is a giant, spiked, iron ball that contains explosive tags inside of it. Its handle, like the Dako, is able to stretch and can even be used to attack the enemy. The spikes on the ball can also open to reveal the explosive tags for surprise attacks. Because it is so large, explosive tags can be used to manoeuvre the ball into the air, using the recoil from the explosion. While in the air the wielder can extend the handle and swing the ball at the enemy like a giant flail.

After seeing Tenten use it in battle, Iō took Jidanda back from her to make adjustments.


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