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(Naruto's Moveset)
(Naruto's Moveset)
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* [[Wind Release: Rasenshuriken]]
* [[Wind Release: Rasenshuriken]]
* [[Shadow Clone Technique]]
* [[Shadow Clone Technique]]
* [[Nine-Tails Chakra Mode]]
* [[Tailed Beast Mode]]
== Sasuke's Moveset ==
== Sasuke's Moveset ==

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J-Stars Victory VS
(Jスターズ ビクトリーバーサス, J-Sutāzu Bikutorī Bāsasu)

  • Project Versus J
Video game info
Playable on PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita
Uchiha Return
None in this Game

J-Stars Victory VS (originally titled as Project Versus J) is a crossover video game by Namco Bandai Games for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

The game was first announced in December 2012, in the second 2013 issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump. It was made to commemorate the 45th anniversary of Jump, and it is presented as the "ultimate Jump game". The gameplay and the release date of this game are currently unknown.


The game allows up to four players to play in battle. The players may fight in all directions of a 3D battlefield.

Playable Characters


Naruto's Moveset

Sasuke's Moveset


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English nameJ-Stars Victory VS +
Game systemPlayStation 3 + and PlayStation Vita +
Kanji nameJスターズ ビクトリーバーサス +
NameJ-Stars Victory VS +
NamesJ-Stars Victory VS +, Jスターズ ビクトリーバーサス +, J-Sutāzu Bikutorī Bāsasu + and Project Versus J +
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Romaji nameJ-Sutāzu Bikutorī Bāsasu +

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