Jōnin Standby Station

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  • Outside the station.
  • Inside the station.

The Jōnin Standby Station (上忍待機所, Jōnin Taikijō) is a building located in Konohagakure beside the Ninja Academy where the heart of the village's power, the jōnin, stay when waiting for the Hokage's orders or emergencies, as well as when they are off duty. This building first appeared during the Chūnin Exams, when Asuma Sarutobi, Kurenai Yūhi and Kakashi Hatake stayed there while the genin took the first part of the exam.


Outside the station, there are two signs: a large, round green sign with the kanji for up (, ue), short for jōnin (上忍), and a smaller brown sign below it with the kanji that says "human life is varied" (人生色々, jinsei iroiro), a proverb referring to life having its ups and downs. The lounge inside the station is a circular room with multiple windows, long red sofas that surrounds a single pillar with plants growing round it and a small green vent.


Despite the name, Chunin-level leaf ninja can also enter the building as well as the Anbu Black ops.

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