Izanami's Activation

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Izanami's Activation
(イザナミ発動, Izanami Hatsudō)
Chapter Info
Volume Brothers, Fight Together!!
Previous To Be Myself
Chapter 586
Next When It Turns 9 o'clock
Arc Shinobi World War Arc
Anime Naruto Shippūden #337
None in this Chapter
None in this Chapter
Izanami's Activation (イザナミ発動, Izanami Hatsudō) is chapter 586 of the Naruto manga.


Regenerating, Itachi called out to Sasuke as Kabuto moved to implant his talisman to rewrite Itachi's mind. Responding, Sasuke threw his sword at Kabuto. Kabuto caught the sword with his navel-snake, and dodged the grasp of Sasuke's Susanoo. Sasuke launched a fireball at Kabuto who countered it with a large torrent of water which swept Sasuke off his feet. Through the mist created from the two clashing techniques, Kabuto noticed that Itachi, whom he stabbed with the sword for him disappeared into a flurry of crows and attack Kabuto with the sword he took from him. Chastising him for using the same attack pattern he had used before to cut his horn off, to which Itachi rebuffs that he cannot be harmed also refuting Kabuto's claims that genjutsu cannot affect him, stating that it already had. This sequence of events repeats itself once again until Kabuto begins to notice the déjà vu, regardless of what he did differently. It was ultimately revealed that the entire battle was taking place within Kabuto's head, as he was trapped within Izanami.

Facts about Izanami's ActivationRDF feed
ArcShinobi World War Arc +
Chapter number586 +
English nameIzanami's Activation +
Kanji nameイザナミ発動 +
MaintenanceMissing image +
NamesIzanami's Activation +, イザナミ発動 + and Izanami Hatsudō +
Romaji nameIzanami Hatsudō +
Volume number61 +

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