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{{Translation|'''Iwakyō'''|岩狂|Iwakyō}} is a shinobi from [[Iwagakure]] and the eldest brother of the village's [[Three Brothers]] group.
{{Translation|'''Iwakyō'''|岩狂|Iwakyō}} is a [[shinobi]] from [[Iwagakure]] and the eldest brother of the village's [[Three Brothers]] group.
== Personality ==
== Personality ==

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editIwakyō browse_icon.png
Third Iwa brother
(岩狂, Iwakyō)
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #239
Appears in Anime only
Voice Actors
Gender Gender Male Male

Iwakyō (岩狂, Iwakyō) is a shinobi from Iwagakure and the eldest brother of the village's Three Brothers group.


Iwakyō is seemingly cruel and relentless, like his brothers.


He is a large man, with a bald head and dark eyes. He wears the standard Iwa-nin flak jacket, with his forehead protector around his neck, and the standard pants with a lapel. Like Iwazo, he wears bandages around his arms and black, spiked wristbands.


He seemingly possessed a great deal of brute strength, as he was able to rupture a large portion of ground with a single strike. He also proved to be an observant adversary, being able to spot a Body Replacement Technique in the darkness of night.

Part II

Adventures at Sea Arc

Iwakyō and his brothers pursued Kosuke through the night in order to retrieve intel that he had stolen from them. The brothers eventually cornered him deciding to interrogate him for information on Konohagakure instead of killing him outright. His plans are however thwarted by the appearance of Team Asuma and their team-work. When Chōji Akimichi used the Human Bullet Tank to stop them he was caught by Ino's Mind Body Switch Technique and was forced to fight Iwaji and Iwazō. He was then knocked out by Chōji.

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