Itachi Uchiha

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  • Totsuka Blade & Yata Mirror

    25 messages
    • KuroiToketsuHoshi Wrong. Amaterasu is a rare ability its highly unlikely they both would naturally have it Itachi programmed sasukes eye...
    • Haha. So after Itachi was reincarnated and heard of Sasukes desire of destroy the Leaf, he let him go right? So Sasuke is more important to h...
  • Itachi and Izanagi

    7 messages
    • Sarutobii2 wrote: JOA20 wrote: Anyone who has a Sharingan can use Izanagi, as long as he or she knows how to. Izanagi requires a Sharinga...
    • Mecha Naruto wrote: Thekillman wrote: Dodging a bullet with Izanagi will just make him die a few days later. Few days later? What really...

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