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イソノ Isono
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #309
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Isono (イソノ, Isono) is a man who took part in the eating contest organised in the Land of This.


Isono Eating

Isono at the eating contest.

Isono appears like one of the Choji's opponents during the eating contest in the Land of This. Isono manages to pass the first two rounds of the contest. Later, he goes to the final round, in a duel with Chōji and Tamao. The duel consisted in eating barbecue. Seeing the speed of his rivals, Isono use his special technique, "Lethal Juggler", allowing him to cook food with one hand and eat the food with the other. Due to Choji has to be the second in the contest, Shikamaru avoid his victory, making to Isono the winner. A house is given to Isono as a prize.


After having won the eating contest, Isono was showed signs of being a kind man by complimenting his opponents. Later in a private rematch, he showed a childish competitive side against Tamao and Chōji, even going as far as to physically butting heads with Tamao.


Isono is a thinly built elderly man with grey hair on the sides of his head, while the top of his head was bald. He usually wear a loose brown kimono with a dark grey rim over a green undershirt.


File:Isono's Eating Technique.png

Like Chōji and Tamao, Isono is shown to be capable of consuming vast quantities of food. His special technique, Lethal Juggler, allows him to cook food with one hand and eat the food with the other, showing that he is ambidextrous.

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