Iruka's Decision

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Iruka's Decision

Iruka's Decision

(イルカの決意, Iruka no Ketsui)

Episode data
Previous Iruka's Ordeal
Episode Naruto: Shippūden #178 (Watch Online)
Next Kakashi Hatake, the Jōnin in Charge
Arc Past Arc: The Locus of Konoha
Manga Chapter #449, Chapter #450
Japanese September 16, 2010
English April 6, 2013
None in this Episode

Fire Release Co-Operation Technique: GarudaMultiple Phantom Shuriken

None in this Episode

Iruka's Decision (イルカの決意, Iruka no Ketsui) is episode 178 of the Naruto: Shippūden anime.


Iruka runs into the hills and finds Naruto, trying to convince him to return to Konoha. Naruto makes a quick getaway by performing the Sexy Technique on Iruka. Naruto runs into a group of kunoichi from Takigakure who want the paper containing the intel of Konoha's border patrol that Naruto found. Naruto and Iruka try to escape from the kunoichi and are helped by Kakashi who easily defeats the kunoichi. Afterwards, Iruka thanks the Third Hokage for making him Naruto's teacher. Meanwhile, with Sasuke's wounds healed, Taka heads out to Konoha as Zetsu tells Tobi of the events that happened. Tobi orders Kisame to go after Killer B. Yamato arrives at Konoha, seeing the village in ruins. Shikaku tells him of Pain's invasion and defeat by Naruto. Shikaku is suddenly approached by an Anbu informing him of a meeting.

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