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Intense Determination…!!

Chapter 267

(激しき決意…!!, Hageshiki Ketsui…!!)

Chapter Info
Volume Granny Chiyo and Sakura
Previous Sasori, Revealed…!!
Chapter 267
Next Puppet Master vs. Puppet Master!!
Arc Kazekage Rescue Arc
Anime Naruto Shippūden #21, Naruto Shippūden #22
None in this Chapter

Thousand Hands Manipulation Force


Mother and Father

Intense Determination…!! (激しき決意…!!, Hageshiki Ketsui…!!) is chapter 267 of the Naruto manga.

Summary Edit

Chiyo realises that Sasori was responsible for the Third Kazekage's disappearance years earlier, adding the deaths of three Kazekage to his resumé. Having since turned the Third into a puppet, Sasori attacks Chiyo and Sakura with it. Although Chiyo controls Sakura like a puppet to help her avoid the Third's poisonous strikes, They are overwhelmed by the puppet's attacks. Chiyo opts to bring out the Mother and Father, the first puppets Sasori created, to block the Third.

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