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Insect Queen Bee Drone Puppet
Insect Drones
English games Insect Drones
Game Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles 2
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Insect Queen Bee Drone Puppets are a special type of puppet that are unique to Menō's arsenal and were created by the Shirogane clan.


They heavily resembles that of a real-life queen bee, but with a dark golden head with dark golden antennae that have yellow-golden tips, purple-stripes on the middle side of it's body, dark blue stainless steel carapace, two long insect like wings that have the Japanese kanji "雷" (Literally meaning: thunder) on both its wings, a stainless steel bronze bottom at the near end, and a light silver stinger at the end.


Smaller Queen Bee Drone Puppets

They are smaller versions of this puppet, which can be fired out or created from this puppet's carapace.

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