Ino Screams! Chubby Paradise!

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"Ino Screams! Chubby Paradise!"
File:Fuku ep192.jpg
(いの絶叫! ポッチャリ♥パラダイス, Ino Zekkyō! Pocchari ♥ Paradaisu)
Episode data
Previous "Forecast: Death! Cloudy with Chance of Sun!"
Episode Naruto #192
Next "Viva Dojo Challenge! Youth is All About Passion!"
Japanese July 5, 2006
English August 30, 2008
None in this Episode
None in this Episode
"Ino Screams! Chubby Paradise!" (いの絶叫! ポッチャリ♥パラダイス, Ino Zekkyō! Pocchari ♥ Paradaisu) is episode 192 of the original Naruto anime.

Ino Screams! Chubby Paradise! (いの絶叫! ポッチャリ♥パラダイス, Ino Zekkyō! Pocchari ♥ Paradaisu) is episode 192 of the original Naruto anime.


Princess Fuku is meeting her fiancé for the very first time. She is hesitant to appear to him in person, thinking that she looks unattractive because she is overweight as a result of bingeing on snacks to relieve stress. She hires Ino Yamanaka - who looks exactly like the princess except for the one obvious difference - to take her place and win the heart of her fiancé's Chikara (who resembles Elvis Presley). Ino tries to behave like a princess worthy of the man's admiration, but she finds his flamboyant displays of affection unbearable. Naruto, frustrated by the mission's slow progress, takes matters into his own hands by transforming into the princess himself. His interference upsets Ino and the real princess, and accidentally reveals the real princess. It is revealed that the prince likes chubby women, and Ino is unable to comprehend why.

Facts about "Ino Screams! Chubby Paradise!"RDF feed
AnimeNaruto: Original +
English airdate30 August 2008 +
English nameIno Screams! Chubby Paradise! +
Episode number192 +
Japanese airdate5 July 2006 +
Kanji nameいの絶叫! ポッチャリ♥パラダイス +
NameIno Screams! Chubby Paradise! +
NamesIno Screams! Chubby Paradise! +, いの絶叫! ポッチャリ♥パラダイス + and Ino Zekkyō! Pocchari ♥ Paradaisu +
PictureFile:Fuku ep192.jpg +
Romaji nameIno Zekkyō! Pocchari ♥ Paradaisu +
UncollectedYes +

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