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Chapter 302
(潜入…!!, Sennyū…!!)
Chapter Info
Volume The Time of Reunion…!! (#34)
Previous "Sai and Sasuke!!"
Chapter Naruto #302
Next "Sai's Betrayal!!"
Arc Tenchi Bridge Reconnaissance Mission
Anime Naruto Shippūden #47, Naruto Shippūden #48
Earth Release: Tunnelling TechniqueWood Release: Hand Tool Manipulation
Bingo Book
"Infiltration…!!" (潜入…!!, Sennyū…!!) is chapter 302 of the original Naruto manga.


Kabuto escorts Sai to a room and locks him in to prevent him from exploring. Sai takes the time alone to as a chance to look at the orders given to him by Danzō. Meanwhile, Team 7 infiltrates the base and locates Sai in his room. Sakura returns his picture book and they ask him about his reasons for joining up with Orochimaru. He confesses that he is helping Danzō and Orochimaru plan another Konoha Crush.

Facts about "Infiltration…!!"RDF feed
ArcTenchi Bridge Reconnaissance Mission +
Chapter number302 +
English nameInfiltration…!! +
Kanji name潜入…!! +
MangaNaruto +
NamesInfiltration…!! +, 潜入…!! + and Sennyū…!! +
PictureChapter 302 +
Romaji nameSennyū…!! +
Volume number34 +

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