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まどかイッキュウ Madoka Ikkyū
Manga Volume #3, Boruto Chapter #11
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Ikkyū Madoka (まどかイッキュウ, Madoka Ikkyū) is the current daimyō of the Land of Fire.


Ikkyū is a very business oriented man. While caring for the well-being of his son, Tentō, he tends to ignore him, leaving him in the care of servants and keeping him occupied through lavished gifts. As Tentō noted, Ikkyū has great admiration for shinobi.[1] However, he still loves his son, as he was furious at learning of Tentō's kidnapping and deeply worried for his well-being.[2]


Ikkyū appears to be a middle-aged man with light-coloured hair he wears slicked back, stylised sideburns and a goatee. His ears are pierced and he has several rings on his fingers. He wears a dark, full-body suit with a simple white kimono over it and a short fur-collared haori and a hat. He also travels with a walking cane.

New Era

Post-Momoshiki Arc

Ikkyū visited Konohagakure to meet with the Seventh Hokage: Naruto Uzumaki. After finishing a call he was approached by his son Tentō who wanted to show him the new card he had purchased. Ikkyū, however, apologised to his son stating that he had to leave before he was late for the conference with the Hokage. With that, he left him in Yamaoka's care. A few days later, he learned to his horror that Tentō was kidnapped by the Mujina Bandits. After learning of their demands for Tentō's safe return being 500 million ryō and the immediate release of all criminals in Hōzuki Castle, Ikkyū deduced that with how seamless the abduction was, they must have had spies with his entourage. Desperate to get his son back but all wanting to stall on the ransom demands, he decided to play it safe and begin getting the money together.


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