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  • Hyūga clan's ancestor

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    • I view it this way- Hamura inherited two of Kaguya's abilities, the Byakugan and Shikotsumyaku (I admittedly have no concrete evidence for ...
    • I believe the movie, The Last (work of Kishi himself) makes it very clear that Hamura is the direct ancestor of the Hyuga clan. Yes, one may wa...
Facts about Hyūga ClanRDF feed
Appears inAnime +, Manga +, Game + and Movie +
English nameHyūga clan +
Kanji name日向一族 +
Kekkei GenkaiByakugan +
LoyaltyKonohagakure +
NameHyūga Clan +
NamesHyūga clan +, 日向一族 +, Hyūga Ichizoku + and Hyūga Clan +
PictureHyūga Ichizoku +
Romaji nameHyūga Ichizoku +

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