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Iron Sand

Sasori using his Third Kazekage human puppet.

A human puppet (人傀儡, Hitokugutsu) is a type of puppet created from human corpses, developed by Sasori during his time in Sunagakure. By removing the internal organs of a foe and preserving the body to prevent decomposition, as well as adding weapons and defences, Sasori can make powerful human puppets. These puppets are different from normal ones, as they retain their use of chakra and any kekkei genkai that the human host once had.

Known Human Puppets

  • Hiruko: Once a great shinobi, now a deadly puppet worn like a battle armour. In the manga, Hiruko is just an ordinary puppet.
  • Third Kazekage: The greatest Kazekage in history, kidnapped and killed by Sasori to gain use of the Iron Sand techniques.
  • Komushi: A childhood friend of Sasori's. It is implied that Komushi had been amongst Sasori's first human puppets in the anime.


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