Howling Wolf Village
Kanji 狼哭の里
Rōmaji Rōkoku no Sato
Novel Naruto Jinraiden: The Day the Wolf Howled

The Howling Wolf Village (狼哭の里, Rōkoku no Sato) is a remote village situated on Howling Wolf Mountain. A variety of different medicinal plants grow in and around the village. In the past, the village was plagued by the attacks of Rōen until it was finally defeated by the Kodon clan. For many years the Howling Wolf Village was a hidden village. Though small, the village was able to fight off an attempted annexation by Amegakure thanks to the Kumanoi clan's blue fire powder. From sale of the blue fire powder to non-shinobi as well as its already successful medicine industry, the Howling Wolf Village was able to declare its neutrality from all conflicts. Despite the peace this created, its former shinobi have struggled to find purpose in life in the years since then, with many resorting to taking saigenzai.