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ホタルビ Hotarubi
Anime Naruto Episode #179
Appears in Anime
Voice Actors
Gender Gender Male Male
Status Deceased
Ninja Rank

Hotarubi (ホタルビ, Hotarubi) was a jōnin from Hoshigakure.


Both he and his wife had completed the star training. They both stole the star after seeing the side effects of the training, but were later caught by the Third Hoshikage and his Anbu. The Hoshikage acknowledged their concerns in regards to the star training and had long considered discontinuing it. However, the more militaristic shinobi of the village were likely to reinstate the star training if ever given the chance. The Hoshikage promised to halt the training, but in exchange, asked that Hotarubi and Natsuhi watch the village from afar, should the more aggressive members of the village ever attempt to bring back the star training. Hotarubi later died by the star training side effects.


A man of few words, Hotarubi had great love towards his village, willing to steal the Star in order to assure that no one would suffer from the side effects of the training ever again.


Hotarubi has a short crop of shaggy black hair and big brown eyes. He wears a light purple-coloured Hoshigakure forehead protector with part of his hair hanging down to the end of the left side of it. He wore a light purple-coloured Hoshigakure flak jacket.


Hotarubi mastered the difficult and highly dangerous star training alongside his wife Natsuhi which means that he was well versed in the Mysterious Peacock Method. The fact that he became a jōnin furthermore implies that he was a very powerful shinobi.


  • "Hotarubi" (蛍火) means "firefly of the light".

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