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Hoshikage: The Buried Truth
File:-Third Hoshikage-.JPG
(星影 葬り去られた真実, Hoshikage Hōmurisarareta Shinjutsu)
Episode data
Previous Hidden Jutsu! The Price of Ninja Art: Kujaku
Episode Naruto #181
Next Reunion: The Remaining Time
Arc Hoshigakure Arc
Japanese April 19, 2006
English July 5, 2008
None in this Episode
None in this Episode
None in this Episode

Hoshikage: The Buried Truth (星影 葬り去られた真実, Hoshikage Hōmurisarareta Shinjutsu) is episode 181 of the original Naruto anime.


Akahoshi says that the mission for the Konoha shinobi is over, but Neji says that as the star has not been recovered, the mission will go on. Neji, Lee and Tenten reveal the truth about Akahoshi to the trainees. Naruto awakens and hears about Natsuhi and her husband seeing the horrors of the star training, and trying to steal the star. After they were caught, the Third Hoshikage agreed to end the star training if they left the village and watched from afar to prevent it from resuming. Natsuhi and her husband accepted, asking the Hoshikage to tell Sumaru that they had died. Akahoshi tracks down the star, and reveals that he assassinated the Hoshikage in order to resume the star training. He fights Natsuhi and absorbs his subordinates' chakra to grow stronger, but Naruto's team-mates and the star trainees arrive.

Facts about Hoshikage: The Buried TruthRDF feed
AnimeNaruto: Original +
ArcHoshigakure Arc +
English airdate5 July 2008 +
English nameHoshikage: The Buried Truth +
Episode number181 +
Japanese airdate19 April 2006 +
Kanji name星影 葬り去られた真実 +
NameHoshikage: The Buried Truth +
NamesHoshikage: The Buried Truth +, 星影 葬り去られた真実 + and Hoshikage Hōmurisarareta Shinjutsu +
PictureFile:-Third Hoshikage-.JPG +
Romaji nameHoshikage Hōmurisarareta Shinjutsu +

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