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Honoka face
ホノカ Honoka
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #227
Appears in Anime
Voice Actors
Gender Gender Female Female
Status Deceased

Honoka (ホノカ, Honoka) was a kunoichi working with the researchers on a remote island.


While researchers worked on the Ultimate Summoning Beast, Honoka was assigned to restrain the beast using her sealing techniques. However, at some point in time the beast got too powerful for her technique to restrain and it killed everyone, including herself.


Because she was only seen as a soul, and thus, unable to speak, above all, indicates she was a caring girl. She also demonstrated to be level-headed during her lifetime, as she showed no fright when the Ultimate Summoning Beast was attacking the Summoning Island. She was shown to have a cheerful demeanour, as seen in the picture in her room.



Honoka's attire.

Honoka had dark eyes and long red hair in which she wore a white band. She wore a purple, sleeveless kimono blouse with yellow trimmings held close by a traditional obi with a long, streaming bow tied to it, mesh armour underneath it and a short white skirt. She seemed to prefer going barefoot.


Beast Sealing Technique

Honoka sealing the Ultimate Summoning Beast.

Honoka had some aptitude for fūinjutsu as she was assigned to restrain the Ultimate Summoning Beast. She could use a sealing technique that caused the sealing formula to form into chains to restrain her target.

Part II

Adventures at Sea Arc

With her soul unable to find rest, she roamed the island as a spirit waiting for an opportunity to fulfil her duty.

As the Konoha shinobi came to the island to save Guy, Aoba saw her and chases her where she leads him to the recorded research information left behind by the scientists. After this, she guides him to the Ultimate Summoning Beast before it was awakened. After the shinobi and some of the other animals engage in battle with the beast, Honoka manages to restrain the beast long enough for Naruto Uzumaki to attack it with the Wind Release: Rasenshuriken. With her duty fulfilled, her soul was able to move on.


  • Given her red hair, skill in sealing techniques, and the history of the Uzumaki clan, Honoka was suspected to be a member. A book in an old abandoned house on the island even mentions finding a survivor of a "certain clan of ninja".
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