Hiruko vs. Two Kunoichi!

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"Hiruko vs. Two Kunoichi!"
(ヒルコVS二人の女忍者, Hiruko vs. Futari no Kunoichi)
Episode data
Previous "Traps Activate! Team Guy's Enemies!"
Episode Naruto: Shippūden #20 (Watch Online)
Next "Sasori's Real Face"
Arc Kazekage Rescue Arc
Manga Chapter #264, Chapter #265
Japanese July 19, 2007
English February 3, 2010
None in this Episode
Prepared Puppet: Eight Waves of NeedlesPuppet Performance: Skilful Achievement with a Human BodyPuppet Technique: Prosthetic Arm SenbonPuppet: Spring Punishing Strike
None in this Episode
"Hiruko vs. Two Kunoichi!" (ヒルコVS二人の女忍者, Hiruko vs. Futari no Kunoichi) is episode 20 of the Naruto: Shippūden anime.

Hiruko vs. Two Kunoichi! (ヒルコVS二人の女忍者, Hiruko vs. Futari no Kunoichi) is episode 20 of the Naruto: Shippūden anime.


Chiyo explains to Sakura that Sasori used to be one of the best puppeteers in Sunagakure, but he left the village after he started making puppets out of humans. Chiyo also reveals that Sasori's true body is hiding within his favourite puppet, Hiruko, and the only way to kill Sasori is to first destroy his puppet. Chiyo and Sakura are able to dodge Sasori's poison-laced attacks and successfully demolish the puppet using Sakura's strength. Sasori then emerges from the puppet's remains. Just outside, Deidara begins telling Naruto and Kakashi how much stronger Sasori is compared to himself.

Facts about "Hiruko vs. Two Kunoichi!"RDF feed
AnimeNaruto: Shippuden +
ArcKazekage Rescue Arc +
English airdate3 February 2010 +
English nameHiruko vs. Two Kunoichi! +
Episode number20 +
Japanese airdate19 July 2007 +
Kanji nameヒルコVS二人の女忍者 +
Manga Chapter264 + and 265 +
NameHiruko vs. Two Kunoichi! +
NamesHiruko vs. Two Kunoichi! +, ヒルコVS二人の女忍者 + and Hiruko vs. Futari no Kunoichi +
PictureFile:Hiruko.jpg +
Romaji nameHiruko vs. Futari no Kunoichi +

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