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丙 Hinoe
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #349
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Gender Gender Male Male
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Hinoe (, Hinoe) is a member of Konohagakure's Anbu faction Root.


In the events to follow the Third Great Shinobi War, Hinoe accompanied Danzō Shimura to a meeting with Orochimaru after the latter had been passed over for the position as Hokage.

Years later, Hinoe and Hinoto were guarding the entrance to the Root chambers when the Anbu members Yūgao Uzuki and Kakashi Hatake showed up with the order to bring Danzō in front of the Hokage. Hinoe told them that he was unsure about Danzō whereabouts. After Yūgao left, Kakashi revealed his face and subdued Hinoe with his Sharingan when the latter was trying to stop him from entering.


Hinoe is a tall shinobi with messy, short, brown-coloured hair. He wore the standard attire of the Anbu inclusive of a black hooded mantle and a mask that has seven light tannish-coloured markings on it. One mark is a long point coming from the forehead area of the mask with three pointed lines going through it horizontally, next he has two curved but pointed at the end markings on each cheek, then he has a line marking made to resemble a closed mouth and finally he has a large spike-like marking starting from the bottom of the mask near the chin area and ending directly under the mouth marking.


As a part of the Anbu, Hinoe is most likely a powerful shinobi. He was seen wielding both a sword and a , indicating that he is skilled in bukijutsu.


  • "Hinoe" () is the third sign of the Chinese calendar.

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