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{{DEFAULTSORT:Hyuga, Hinata and Hanabi's mother}}
{{DEFAULTSORT:Hyuga, Hinata and Hanabi's mother}}
[[ru:Ханаби Хьюга (мать Хинаты и Ханаби)]]

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editHinata and Hanabi's Mother Browse icon
Hyuuga mother
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #166
Appears in Anime
Gender Gender Female Female

She is the mother of Hinata Hyūga and Hanabi Hyūga and the wife of Hiashi Hyūga.


She possesses fair skin accompanied with long dark eggplant hair slightly past her waist and side bangs framing her face down to her shoulders. She is seen wearing the traditional Hyūga garb at home. Overall, she bears a striking resemblance to her daughter, Hinata.


According to Hinata, she was very kind. It is shown that Hinata looks more like her mother rather than her father of whom Hanabi seems to resemble more. Hinata also remembers saying she wants to be strong like her father and kind like her mother.

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