Hinata Hyūga

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  • Is there anybody that dislikes Hinata?

    27 messages
    • OT: Hinata isn't my "type" of character obviously, but I can't say I actively dislike her. She lacks development (and, well, let's be honest,...
    • To be fair, she has been a backround charactor for most of the manga, only really making appearences when it has something to do with naruto.
  • Hinata being an Uzumaki

    2 messages
    • In a recent photo for the Boruto the movie there is an image that shows hinata being called Hinata Uzumaki. So, wouldn't that mean she had cha...
    • Her page is not going to be changed. One single photo does not override 700 chapters and near to 700 episodes. The alternative name is mentio...

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