Hidden Leaf Village Grand Sports Festival!

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Hidden Leaf Village Grand Sports Festival!
Grand Sports Festival
(木ノ葉の里の大運動会, Konoha no Sato no Dai Undoukai!)
Release Date
Japanese August 21, 2004
English June 4, 2008

The Hidden Leaf Village Grand Sports Festival! (木ノ葉の里の大運動会), also known as Konoha Annual Sports Festival, is the third Naruto OVA.


The Rookie Nine, plus Team Guy, is taking part in a sports competition in which the winning team gets one whole week free from missions. Naruto really needs to go to the bathroom, forcing him to make repeated dashes for the bathroom in between games, only to be foiled each time by one of the other ninja who are mostly unaware of his condition. In the end Naruto wins the relay race which wins Team 7 the vacation, only to be spoiled by Naruto releasing his bowels, much to everyone's disgust.


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