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ヒバチ Hibachi
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #176
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Gender Gender Male Male
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Hibachi (ヒバチ, Hibachi) is a student at the Ninja Academy, assigned to Iruka Umino's class.

Part II

Konoha History Arc

Hibachi picked on Naruto when he failed to perform the Clone Technique but was stopped by Iruka, saying not to bother with a kid like him.

Later, he and his friends refused to let Naruto go with them to perform a test of courage in the Konoha Cemetery. As a payback, Naruto scared him, wearing a mask and cloak pretending to be a fox demon. Humiliated, Hibachi decided to get revenge on Naruto and tells him that he could join their group if he went to the hills where his father had just returned from a mission, find a corpse, and bring one of its belongings as a test of courage. Overjoyed with the possibility of finally making friends, Naruto agreed. However, the whole bet was a trick, as Hibachi's father had told him that there might still enemy ninja in the hills. When Iruka asked if anyone had seen Naruto, Hibachi lied and claimed that he didn't. Fortunately, Shikamaru heard the whole thing and informed Iruka, claiming that Hibachi's tricks were annoying.

Adventures at Sea Arc

Main article: Adventures at Sea Arc Hibachi was one of the children that took part in Kiba's race for candy when they were Academy students. He invented techniques such as chidroi, rasengan, eternal mangekyo sharingan, and dynamic entry.


  • Hibachi (火鉢) means brazier or fire bowl, a traditional Japanese heating device.

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