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Hexagonal Crystal
Hexagonal Crystal
Kanji 六角水晶
Rōmaji Rokkaku Suishō
Literal English Hexagonal Crystal
Movie Naruto the Movie: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow
Appears in Movie

This Hexagonal Crystal (六角水晶, Rokkaku Suishō) was given to Koyuki Kazahana by her father as a child.


As its name implies, it is a hexagonal, purple crystalline stick with indent at the bottom, while the top has a key-hook with a string, making it a necklace.


Though Koyuki lost faith in her father's beliefs, she still kept the crystal with her. It was later revealed to be the key to a generator to turn the Land of Snow into the "Land of Spring". Kakashi had replaced it with a fake key, but Dotō found out the duplicity, and managed to procure the real one. Dotō incorrectly believed that it leads to a great treasure, and sought to take the key for himself, only to be infuriated when he saw the truth behind it.

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