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Hero Water
The Heroes Water
Kanji 英雄の水
Rōmaji Eiyu no Mizu
Literal English Hero Water
Novel Naruto: Mission: Protect The Waterfall Village (novel)
OVA Mission: Protect the Waterfall Village!
Appears in Anime, Novel

The Hero Water (英雄の水, Eiyu no Mizu) is a specialised liquid from Takigakure. It is produced once every one hundred years from the giant tree that hides the village.


By drinking the water, it allows a ninja to have at least a ten-fold increase in chakra for a short period of time. The chakra increase was so potent that, as Suien demonstrated, the user can create a chakra shield to deflect kunai, similar to the Eight Trigrams Palms Revolving Heaven.


In exchange for this power, the water shortens the user's life span proportional by the number of times his chakra increased, as Shibuki's father died from the side-effects.

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