Hero of the Hidden Leaf

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"Hero of the Hidden Leaf"
Hero of the Hidden Leaf
(木ノ葉の英雄, Konoha no Eiyū)
Episode data
Previous "Tale of Naruto Uzumaki"
Episode Naruto: Shippūden #175 (Watch Online)
Next "Rookie Instructor Iruka"
Arc Pain's Assault (Arc)
Manga Naruto Chapter #426, Naruto Chapter #449, Naruto Chapter #450
Japanese August 26, 2010
English March 30, 2013
"Hero of the Hidden Leaf" (木ノ葉の英雄, Konoha no Eiyū) is episode 175 of the Naruto: Shippūden anime.


A dead Kakashi converses with his deceased father, Sakumo. Kakashi questions the latter on the circumstances of his death but ultimately ends up forgiving him. In these same moments, Nagato releases his technique to revive the casualties of his devastated invasion, entrusting his dream of peace to Naruto before dying. Konan expresses that she will quit from the Akatsuki and capitulates to Konoha as a sign of peace. Encasing, Nagato's and Yahiko's body, she and Naruto part ways. Naruto creates a shrine in Jiraiya's honour where he places Jiraiya's book and the flowers of hope given to him by Konan. As Naruto walks back to his home, he begins to collapse in fatigue, but is caught by a revived Kakashi and is carried to Konoha where the villagers anticipate the return of their new hero, who is welcomed warmly, and saluted by many high-ranking ninja as well as his classmates. Everybody puts Naruto in a mosh-pit and hauls him into the air cheering for him.

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