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Followed pages are a way to keep up to date on pages you care about on Wikia.


Toolbar follow
  • You can choose to "Follow" a page by simply clicking on the Follow text on the toolbar at the bottom of your page. When you have followed the page successfully, the text will change to "Following."
  • You can receive e-mail notifications by changing your user preferences.
    Email preferences
  • In some situations, you may automatically begin following pages, such as after you leave a post on someone's Message Wall. You can manage your preferences for automatically following pages in your user preferences.
  • You can view your followed pages on a specific wikia by going to Special:Following on that wikia.
  • To unfollow a page, simply click the "Following" link in the toolbar at the bottom of the page. This is the same location as the link you clicked to follow the page originally.
  • You may be displaying a "Pages I'm Following" box on your user page to show others what pages you are interested in on the wikia. This only includes article pages. If you prefer not to display your followed pages, you can disable this in your user preferences (under Advanced display options).

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Special:Watchlist, which lists your followed pages according to the date they were last edited.

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